Employment Application

Instructions For Completing Application

  1. Please fill out the entire application.
  2. Your employment history is very important to us. You must give detailed explanations to all questions, in particular “Duties” and “Reasons for Leaving”.
  3. Please save a copy of this application for your records.

Hiring Policies

  1. We hire applicants solely based upon merit. We do not discriminate on the basis of union affiliation, race, sex, religion, color, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable state, federal, or local law.
  2. No employee is required to pay dues to any labor organization to join our company.
  3. We accept job applications only when we know there are jobs available and when we intend to fill the position(s). When openings come available, we reserve the right to review applications already on file, prior to hiring. Applications remain in an active file for days. It is the applicant’s responsibility to keep our hiring personnel informed of his/her availability. Applicants who are not hired are allowed to reapply to ALL-TEMP every six months.
  4. We do not accept group applications or photocopied forms.
  5. Any applicant who falsifies or omits information on the application is disqualified from being hired. If the employee has been hired before the falsification or omission is discovered, he/she may be subject to termination upon discovery.
  6. We base our hiring decisions on a variety of factors, including skills and the ability to perform the job, prior employment with us, employment references as to character and willingness to work, willingness to accept the offered salary, and personal interviews. We hire based on personal contact with individuals so that we can make sound business judgments as to the most qualified applicants.
  7. Full-time employees are expected to work only for us and state that they will not be employed by any other employer while they work for us.

Application For Employment

(An Equal Opportunity Employer)

Please Note: This application form was designed for use by applicants for various positions – including field, clerical, professional, technical, and administrative. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Personal Information


Educational Data

  • Name and address of high school(s) attended

  • Name and address of college(s) attended

  • Name and address of college(s) attended

  • Other professional licenses, certifications, registrations

  • Other professional licenses, certifications, registrations


Military Experience


Work Experience

  • Most Recent/Present Employer

  • Employer # 2

  • Employer # 3



  • Reference #1

  • Reference # 2

  • Reference # 3